BELGIUM.  The Peace Village are the custodians of one of the world’s most poignant football pitch.  To play a game of football at Flanders Fields is more than a game.  The whole experience contextualizes football way beyond the modern game Flanders Peace Pitch is the most level playing field you will every play on.  CLICK ON BELGIUM


BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA.  A peace tournament will be held on the weekend of 1st June to 3rd June.  The tournament will raise money to provide Peace Field Project plaques which will twin the first ever peace pitch in Bosnia & Herzegovina with Flanders Peace Field, Messen, Belgium, site of the 1914 Christmas Truces. CLICK ON BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA


ENGLAND.  The Peace Fields Projects are an extension from the Football & Peace Projects.  The Football and Peace website features: schools, clubs, groups and associations that have participated in twinning designated areas of play with Flanders Peace Field through The National Children’s Football Alliance. CLICK ON ENGLAND


GERMANY.  The aims of the project were and are manifold: The pupils are getting insights into the realities of World War I in general, as well as the “Christmas Truce“ in particular. They are meeting youngsters from many other countries, CLICK ON GERMANY


ITALY.  ENDAS operates on a national and international level through amateur sports associations and societies; cultural, social, recreational, environmental, travel and leisure clubs; social co-operatives, social enterprises, foundations, non-profit organization affiliates and delegations established for that purpose. CLICK ON ITALY


MACEDONIA.  OPEN FUN FOOTBALL schools is a humanitarian project using joyful games and the pedagogical “fun-football-concept” as tools to promote the process of democracy, peace, stability and social cohesion within the Balkans countries, the Trans Caucasus countries and countries in the Middle East. We do it to strenghten community relations. CLICK ON MACEDONIA


NORTHERN IRELAND.  Cregagh Green to be twinned with Flanders Peace Field Young people from east Belfast are at the heart of a unique Peace Field Project (PFP) to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.  CLICK ON NORTHERN IRELAND


WALES.  Attending a school constructed long after 1918 may make us feel detached from the First World War, yet our modern community has been built upon deep historical foundations.  CLICK ON WALES


SWITZERLAND.  Parents and educators have a limited impact on their children regarding the choice of their role models.  Children can have difficult choices and some role models can be challenging which can be a concern. CLICK ON SWITZERLAND

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