Global Peace Games

The 2018 Global Peace Games; the participants volunteered to take part; once again The GPGs was over-subscribed and unfortunately there were not enough places to meet growing demand.  The GPGs feedback from participants was a resounding 100% success.  Quantitative and qualitative data confirmed that the week long peace education programme has established a need to continue The GPGs in perpetuity.

View 2018 GPGs film and report – CLICK HERE

The 2018 Global Peace Games; 15th to 20th September will feature over 15 different nationalities from Belgium, Italy and Northern Ireland.  This year’s event continues to celebrate peace in the week of the United Nations International Day of Peace.  Moreover, it will be the first time for over 100 years that Catholics and Protestants will stand side by side and play football games at the site of the 1914 First World War Christmas Truces.  Further recognition in the peace education week will draw inspiration from the anniversary of the rights for votes for women.   All the games will be played in the spirit of the Christmas Truces.  CLICK HERE

The 2017 Global Peace Games; A major factor to the success of the GPGs was that it was not mandatory. The participants volunteered to take part; it was indeed over-subscribed and unfortunately there were not enough places to meet demand. In essence, The GPGs reached out to a generation and offered them the unique opportunity to discover the power of football and multi-cultural peace education whilst making friends for life – Peace Makers for the Future.  CLICK HERE

Flanders Peace Field logo_200The Global Peace Games (GPGs) features schools, clubs, associations and groups from, from across Europe and the rest of the world. Hosted by the Peace Village, Messines, Belgium, the week long peace education event funded by UEFA Foundation for Children and the EU, is inspired by the Christmas Truces.  The NATIONAL CHILDREN’S FOOTBALL ALLIANCE provide participants access to a unique all inclusive series of activities including: football, rugby, cricket and cycling.   The GPGs link-up with the Peace Fields Project, celebrating peace and commemorating War.  CLICK HERE

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