Totally Runable

Natalie Jackson writes; we share a lot of synergies between what we do and how young people benefit. TR works with girls aged 7 upwards using running to build their confidence in sport, exercise and life. Natalie Jackson, Director, and Ex-sprinter and Olympian Emily Freeman, former UK no 1, now retired and working to inspire the next generation, firmly believe that the growing interest in running is having an effect on girls.

We work with girls age 7 up and with adult women – often school staff – using running as the tool to build confidence in sport, exercise and life. By approaching it in the right way anyone can improve their running and learn real lessons about themselves and the rest of their life.

Running is also something we have some serious experience in. We know what it takes to run at all levels – from adult beginner to Olympic athlete – and at all distances from sprints to marathons. We know what it takes to get started and we know how to turn consistent actions into results. We work with girls aged 7 upwards, both in and out of school, as well as with their mums and teachers. If you, your children or school want to get more active and make running part of your life – let’s do it together.

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