Frame Football

Football is a game enjoyed by millions all around the world every day and now a game that children with all sorts of disabilities can also participate in and enjoy. Children who go to main stream schools who struggle with PE and playground activities with their friends because of disabilities like cerebral palsy, visual impairments, hearing issues or learning disabilities of all kinds. We give those children a football, include, involve and encourage them to do what kids love to do, play, have fun and feel part of something.

When children with disabilities get involved in able bodied football it limits their involvement. Some get excluded, some can’t cope with the strength required to play and some just can’t get involved due to the speed of the game. With Frame Football all the children are participating and included within the same environment. They are treated fairly and equally. The children do not feel like the odd one out as they are playing on a level playing field. It means a great deal to be playing with other children with disabilities rather than struggling to try and keep up as they are the only one among 20 able bodied playing. Everything from the type of football used, the special game frames, the time spent playing and the rules of the game have been specially adapted to enhance the game and make it unique and more importantly making it able to be played by children with all sorts of disabilities and issues.


About us

Frame Football was founded on 4th July 2015 from the Coundon Court FC Frame Football team in Coventry who at the time were the only Frame Football team in the country. We have now become an Association and boast of many affiliated teams all across the UK and even overseas.  We are a volunteer group of football coaches, volunteers and parents who have come together to form an Association with the goal of providing football tournaments and games for players who use walker style frames. We now hold National Tournaments three times a year at St George’s Park – national football centre in which the children love to get involved in and compete for trophies and medals to treasure from their day.

The Association has worked closely with Quest88 to pursue a new bespoke Frame Football specific Frame. These “game frames” are available to buy and the Frame Football Association continue to buy and donate frames to players through competitions or through a player unable to participate due to financial circumstances.

Frame Football gives a chance, a chance to change a life. It puts a smile on a face. Children want to play just like their hero’s on TV and we support and give that opportunity. As a non-profit organisation we are constantly relying on fundraisers and donations to continue the growth of this amazing sport. Every single penny raised goes back into helping children by buying equipment and arranging tournaments. If you can help in any way please get in touch.

For more information or to get involved please visit our website, contact us via social media or email us. We will put you in touch with your nearest club and more importantly start your frame football experience.

“The only frame that should stop you from scoring is a goal frame”