The Peace Field Project Peace Pich was centre stage on Armed Forces Day. The CFA had a table in a marquee opposite the entertainment/stage area, along with various other local community and charity organisations.

Karen and Peter from the Commonwealth Trust lend a hand on the CFA stall.

The Royal Artillery Barracks Peace Field was in use to promote Armed Forces Day through various stalls selling local produce and crafts, food and beverage facilities, and various entertainment activities.

Charlton Community Trust organised a fun football activity where around eight primary/junior local football clubs were in attendance, playing 5-6 six-a-side matches for a majority of the morning.

All branches of the military were in attendance, but mostly the army, several regiments not based at Woolwich, plus the Artillery Barracks staff, had marquees and military vehicles set up on the field for engaging the public, along with the police, fire brigade, ambulance service and the council.

Several parades took place on the Peace Field Pitch too. Other local community groups also had a presence on the field, for example the local Gurkha community, Armed Forces Veterans and charity organisations in aid of injured service personal.

The event was very well attended, several hundreds of people over the course of the day.

David Ramzan (CFA) said, ‘lots of people showed interest in the CFA, and took away some leaflets’.

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