Foreland Fields School, Ramsgate, kicked off FREE v FREE 2024 on their Peace Pitch. It was great to see the team again and play a game of jumpers for goalposts. We think the score was 5 – 5. Certainly more goals than a Euro final.

Children’s Football Week acts as a reminder to parents, guardians, carers, facilitators, coaches, teachers and volunteers, that the children’s game does not have to branded, expensive, associated or dominated by adults.  It is a simple fun game when played by children.  It is a fun game owned by children.  There is little room for the rules of a professional sport that determines greed, aggression and win at all costs.  It is time we reclaimed the children’s game.


THE CFA are ENCOURAGING all schools, clubs and groups to provide football for fun for FREE during 15th and 22nd July 2024. The concept is simple. Promote the importance of play for FREE. CLICK HERE to discover previous FREE v FREE games. Let us know if you facilitated FREE v FREE:

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