Schools participation in the National Children’s Football Week

This year’s National Children’s Football Week is to be held between Saturday 17th July – Sunday 30th July.

We are asking football clubs, both professional and grassroots, schools, the scout movement, youth clubs and children’s organizations to provide a FREE football event for children regardless of age, sex and ability.

The NCFW is about free play and football. It is about the sheer physical and mental joy of movement and play.

For many families in the UK, organised football has become too expensive and thousands of children now miss out on playing the game they love. This is a situation the NCFA feels is wrong as football is a global game because of its simplicity – a ball, players and something for goal posts. It should be the right of all children to have access to free play.

 A few tips –

  • This is all about the children taking part and having fun
  • NO SUBSTITUTES – everyone plays
  • Small sided games work best as this enables the children to have many touches of the ball 3v3 4v5 etc.
  • To make it authentic as possible use coats, jumpers etc. as goal posts
  • Let the children referee themselves and have ownership of THEIR game

Please tell as many people as possible and let us know what you are planning and how it went at:

This is an opportunity for our children to reclaim their game from the rigors of aggressive marketing and the brandification of childhood.

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The aim of this project is to fund a new website to support the National Children’s Football Week (NCFW). This grassroots initiative is spearheaded by the National Children’s Football Alliance.  A not for profit organisation dedicated to promoting free football for children.   The NCFA work with National and International partners to provide access to football for all children and to ring fence childhood through play.

This project will launch a new web platform to help support and guide the public to develop and deliver their own contribution to NCFW in their own way. The profit of merchandise for this project will cover the costs of web design and platform hosting.

Circulate news of “National Children’s Football Week” through social media networks to other football teams/community groups/colleges/universities/local government/politicians in the area.

For all inquiries: John Casey (Head of Marketing) / 07792 068634

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