The Green Sports Alliance, Japan focuses on grass roots projects and activities.

3 core values to visualize through the power of sports is (1) Environment designed between Nature and Society, (2) Bio (lives) connecting among Human Beings, Nature, and Society, (3) Peace.

Current international projects, are the construction of a grassroots football pitch at Adachi-ku, Tokyo for Disabled Children in collaboration with Johan Cruyff Foundation and a Dutch technology (hydrocycle-considered synthetic turf system) based football pitch at Kobe, Japan for the club owned by one of the most famous Japanese professional football player Shinji OKAZAKI.

Talks are ongoing with the J-League professional football club Ventforet Kofu to start the first Peace Field lessons this summer. President SAKUMA, who is famous as an open-minded and innovative leader in J-League, is desirous to twin the peace field project with NCFA, especially under the current circumstances worldwide.

We are looking forward to ‘’ Kicking-off ‘’ this project and keep you posted.

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Mr Amemiya is the gentleman behind the first ever peace pitch in Japan. He is also the inventor of the a heavy duty vehicle that clears minefields Vietnam, Angola, Thailand, Columbia, Afghanistan and Nicoragua. He has dedicated his life to the humanitarin mission. His strong desire to provide a safer environment for people living near minefields, and his comprehensive approach to meet local needs. Sustained by a mainstream business, his company developed breakthrough technologies that drastically increased the speed and the safety of those who clear landmines, and the quality of livelihood of the residents in the affected regions.

Ventforet Kofu F.C. Peace Field Project twinning event exhibited landmines and photos of minefields from around the world. The connection between Chairman Mr Amemiya’s work and the Peace Field Project is clear. Where once there was death and horror, we all have a duty to replinish the land for communities to once again thrive, prosper and play.