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Chailey School are the first school in England to Twin with Flanders Peace Field

Monday 9th May 2016

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L-R. Tim Dudgeon, Assistant Head Teacher, Chailey School, Ernie Brennan, Director, NCFA. Lesley Young, Head Teacher, Chailey School and David Whelpton, Board of Governors, Chailey School

Chailey School made history by being the first school in England to twin their playing field with Flanders Peace Field, Messines, Belgium.

The Peace Fields Project (PFP) provides opportunities of schools to twin their designated areas of play with one of the world’s most famous areas of play, Flanders Peace Field.  In 1914 Flanders Field witnessed the First World War’s Christmas Truces where Allied and German soldiers put down their weapons, met in no-mans-land, shuck hands, exchanged gifts and played some football.

The historic event has become synonymous with acts of humanitarianism throughout the history of the world.  School teachers, sports coaches and educationalists around the world recognise the value of the Christmas Truces in 1914.

Commemorating war and celebrating peace, through the PFP lends itself to cross-curricular activities, inter-generational  relationships, citzenship, social inclusion and community cohesion.

Contextualising the events throughout the First World War helps young people contemplate the realities of war  and in the case of the Christmas Truces, the role of sport in the First World War.

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David Evennett, MP, Acting Minister for Sport, Heritage and Tourism, talks to the National Children’s Football Alliance about the Peace Fields Project and the impact on the legacy of the First World War’s centenary years.

To support the Peace Fields Project, click here for more information on how to twin your school’s or club’s football pitch with Flanders Peace Field, site of the First World War, 1914, Christmas Truces


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Becca Tood founder of Fotbolistas and Ambassador for The International Children’s Football Alliance continues to deliver a form of football for young and older children which transcends the murky adult politics of the conventional game. Becca, now coaching in Frieberg, Germany, writes about how football is giving refugees respite and hope. To find out more click here


are the first International Children’s Football Alliance to twin their soccer pitch with FLANDERS PEACE FIELD 

India NCFA

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Football & Peace Project website is now available for schools, clubs and groups



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