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NCFA_football_peace_RBL_300Read the Peace Letter to Football here

The NCFA has teamed up with the Royal British Legion and through the Centenary Partnership has the support of the Government in making this project a reality.

“For the Royal British Legion the project would be seen as an exciting new activity that would help engage  children and support their educational programme through the medium of football.”

Charles Byrne, Director, Royal British Legion.

“The Government is encouraging the widest possible participation in the centenary commemorations and is particularly keen to engage young people through the medium of sport.  As such, they have welcomed this contribution to the centenary programme.”

Helen Grant MP, Minister for Sport, Tourism and Equalities.



website is now available for schools, clubs and groups


Lay Down Your Brands.NCFA_No_Brands_Land_399

NCFA are lobbying the custodians of football to support the Football & Peace projects by holding boxing day bucket collections at all football grounds.  The aim is to bring young people together from diverse backgrounds and provide access to Flanders Peace Field where football will be played in the spirit of 1914, without brands, emblems, logos and the modern day trappings of consumerism.  The game is the teacher, the teacher is football and the outcome will be young peace makers.  Please click on Lay Down Your Brands for further details. If you, your club or organisation would like to donate money to support the project please click on the button below.

 Silent Sidelines