A Different Kind of Soccer Book

Thumbs up 300The game of football is globally admired, locally revered and, no matter where anyone is in the world, sure to prompt a debate.  But as the game has mushroomed, the spirit of tactics, technique, and confidence – the pillars that made such a simple game so compelling, has been lost.

Mark Burke observed this in a rich playing career that took in England, Japan and Holland (amongst others).  He felt that in striving for results, we’d lost sight of what soccer actually is, and as a result, lost our enjoyment in this infinitely enjoyable game.

A Different Kind of Soccer Book reflects a back-to-basics approach to football for children playing the game and their parents and coaches.  It strips bare the philosophy of football to get young talents playing to enjoy this sport, rather than to put themselves under pressure to succeed.  Indeed, the tactics, technique and confidence taught in ADKOS book bring results through enjoyment, not the dry regimes and drills that can render soccer training a chore in so many other publications.

Mark, a footballer, coach and scout, writes in his own voice, with a unique way of telling it like it is, whilst bringing with him ringing endorsements from a range of elite professionals, and featured interviews with leading figures from the game. ADKOS is a book that combines reporting with practical lessons for those who believe that the best football is instinctive, energised, and fun.

Available now, with 40% of all revenues going to the NCFA.


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