A Week To Remember 2013

Gloucestershire / Kent / Surrey / Hertfordshire

Summer off the Streets in Gloucestershire

65 children took part in the annual event. Mixed gender/mixed age football for children aged to 8 to 14

The day was FREE for all the kids with 12 teams of 5-6 players.

In all the children played for three and a half hours, with half an hour break for lunch. There were however numerous water breaks. The weather was perfect, dry but not too hot and a good time was had by all.

In the morning it was the Wold Cup and in the afternoon Champions League.


  • Children all chose a partner to play with and they were all put together to make roughly even teams of 5-6 players with 12 teams in all.
  • 10 minute games – round robin – all players play the same amount of games
  • Keepers to throw the ball out
  • Kick or dribble the ball onto the pitch from the sides
  • To rotate the keepers each player was given a number and when that was called out they had their stint in goal – about 2 minutes per game.

We didn’t have one child drop out for any games and no one moaned about being in goal or not having enough time in goal

The day was brilliant and all the children, some of whom had never played football, had a great time.

The older kids looked after the younger ones.

A big thanks to our partners – Cotswold District Council, Cirencester Town Council, Deer Park School and World Jungle.

Turn Up and Play in Kent.

50 children turned up to play many players had never experienced playing in a football team, there were players from school teams, players from club teams, players from CoE and guest players from Arsenal’s Islington community programme schemes.

Boys and Girls played a series of small sided round robins followed by the traditional full size games (their choice).  We think Scotland won?

Parents, volunteers and facilitators sat back, watched the fun and enjoyed the spectacle.

Too Many Goals to Mention in South London / Surrey
Too Many Goals to Mention in South London / Surrey

NCFW continued in Croydon with two open sessions at a local children’s centre for families with children birth – 11 yrs.  The older children formed into 2 teams and played some great football, while the under 4s enjoyed dribbling, shooting and throwing the footballs with mum, dad or grandparents.

Croydon Boys
Croydon Boys

The focus of the sessions was for families to engage with each other and a chance for parents to play with their children.  It was great to see parents encouraging their young children – one dad was in goal with all 3 of his children shooting at the same time!  Again, lots of touches and lots of laughter!

A World Festival of Football in Hertfordshire
A World Festival in Hertfordshire

Saturday 20th July saw the Luton fun football crew celebrate the start of the school holidays and National Children’s Football Week by having a picnic after our training session.  We reckon we are a Peace Project in action, as our families originate from over eight different counties, from Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.  Our trainer, Steve Patterson, runs walk-on sessions for 5-9 year olds on Saturday mornings.  We learn skills, have mini-matches and end with “The Big Match”.  The size of the teams depends on how many have turned up that week.  Everyone gets loads of action and it’s great fun.

Luton Fun Football Crew
Luton Fun Football Crew

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