Crossing the White Line?

The Man-The Game-The War.


Walter Tull

National Children’s Football Alliance is supporting the campaign to “Award Walter Tull his posthumous Military Cross”. The first ever black professional outfield footballer in Britain is one of the most important historical heroes to have fought in World War One. NCFA believe that the Walter Tull story needs to be told and recognised by communities in Britain today so our children’s children can be inspired by a role model from the past in a society that remembers and continues to nurture everyone.
Award Walter Tull his posthumous Military Cross. The petition calls upon the government to posthumously award Walter Tull the Military Cross for which he was recommended. Walter was the first black outfield player in football’s top flight and the first black soldier to become an infantry officer in the British army. 2nd Lieutenant Walter Daniel John Tull led his men on dangerous missions behind enemy lines and returned without loss or injury. For these acts of bravery, he was cited for his “gallantry and coolness” under fire by Major General Sir Sydney Lawford, his commanding officer and recommended for the Military Cross. Untypically, for officers with his service record and commendation, he never received it. Was it because he embodied a contradiction? The Manual of Military Law forbade men not of ‘pure European descent’ from becoming officers. Please join us in demanding the government right this historical injustice by signing this e-petition to posthumously award Walter Daniel John Tull his Military Cross.

HM Government

If you, your family, school or organisation would like to support this campaign please click on the link below and sign the online petition.

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