Football Makes Our Shared History (FMOSH) delivered a Peace Letter to Members of the Legistlative Assembly at Stormont, Belfast, Nothern Ireland. The Ambassadors for Peace presented the Peace Letter to Alex Maskey Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

‘It was lovely to meet the FMOSH researchers. They are very welcome to Stormont. I look forward to reading the Peace Letter as do the MLAs. We congratulate these Ambassadors for Peace on their hard work and look forward to celebrating peace through play’. Michelle O’Neill

‘I will make sure that every MLA receives a copy of this important letter’ Alex Maskey. Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

‘FMOSH is a celebration. The Ambassadors for Peace (FMOSH researchers) have reminded all mums, dads, grand parents, relatives, families, teachers, facilitators, educationalists, sports authorities and MLAs, that the children of Northern Ireland deserve peace and that they demand to celebrate the Good Friday Agreement and International Day of Peace through play’. Ernie Brennan, CEO, CFA.

‘Northern Ireland leads the way with 20 Peace Pitches in every county which is now part of 63 peace pitches in 5 continents.’. Paul Cooper , CFA, Director.

Paul’s speech

Thank you to the MLA’s who are with us today to celebrate the work these astonishing young people have done during the Football Makes Our Shared History project.

We welcome Magherafelt Highschool, Drumra school, the Foyle Down Syndrome Trust and Limestone United.

The CFA has 63 peace pitches around the globe in five continents twinned with probably the most important playing area on the planet, The Flanders Peace pitch, next to the Island of Ireland Peace Park and the 1914 Christmas Truce and the game between the Germans and Allies.

This is the same football that you play in the playground and parks. Something for goals and a ball.

Play is your language. It breaks down barriers and opens dialogue. And not just with the children you have met during the project but also within your own family, discussing their past with parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Everyone has a story and needs to be heard.

But of all the countries in the world from the US to Japan and from England to India, its Northern Ireland that leads the way with a phenomenal 20 pitches. Because you understand, you get why this dialogue and connections matter and its you who are the bench mark for the rest of the world to follow. You are the future.

I would like to end by saying congratulations to Magherafelt High school for an outstanding Football Makes Our Shared History programme and look forward to seeing you in Belgium.

Thank you.

‘It’s been a memorable day for the Club. We have enjoyed the FMOSH project and aim to continue with peace education through play. The advent of our new girls teams and delivering the FMOSH peace letter to Stormont, means the club is in a great position to celebrate peace through play’. Brian Caskey, Limestone United F.C.

It’s been a magnificant day. The pupils will remember this day forever more. Thank you to the Speaker, Alex Maskey and to the Memebers of the Legistlative Assembly for making us feel so welcome.’ Denver Charles, Histoy Teacher, Magherafelt High School.

‘We all had a great day. The questions raised by FDST added to the ocassion and the smiles on the faces on the peace bus home said it all’. Connor McGilloway, FDST.

‘All of our pupils enjoyed FMOSH and they especially enjoyed today. Thank you to Stormont for a warm welcome.’ John Molloy,‘ Teacher, Drumragh Integrated College.

‘The perfect day for FMOSH. We enjoyed every minute.’ Rory Woods, Teacher, Drumragh Integrated College’

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