FREE v FREE 2020

2020 FREE v FREE

National Children’s Football

Week 17th June to 2nd JULY

Each year we hold FREE football events for children where they PLAY football and referee their own games.

Last year we had a major event at Cirencester Town FC’s indoor arena before The NCFA’s charity game on the main pitch.

We also had events in Liverpool and Belfast, Northern Ireland.

With the current Covid 19 crisis we are unable to put on any large organised events but still want you to take part, maybe in your back garden, courtyard, park or open space.

Taking into consideration social distancing and who is in your family group what can you do?

Well apart from the convention kick about here are some suggestions.

Penalty Shootout. (for one or more players)

We all love a penalty shootout, taking turns to take a penalty and be in goal. But if there is only one of you, be creative and put something in goal to represent the keeper and perhaps take the penalty from a little further back than normal.

Football skittles (for one or more players)

Use something for skittles such as up turned plastic flowerpots. Who can knock the most down in 3 tries? Make up the rules to suit your group and equipment.

Football golf (for one or more players)

This is a great game to play. You can use garden canes as the golf flags and with a ball each see who can go around the course in the least amount of kicks. Depending how much space you have will determine the number of flags you have. If you just have the one flag, use the same flag several times. If you are by yourself see if you can beat, your previous score.

Ball and a wall (for one or more players)

Kick a ball against the wall and without letting it stop, the next person must kick it and so on. The person who is left wins. If you are playing by yourself count how many times you kick the ball against the wall without stopping it and try to beat your last score.

Please send us your videos, pictures, and stories of what you did to: 

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