UPDATE 11/08/21

Paul Cooper (NCFA Director) presented players in Salisbury with FREE v FREE football kit Sunday 8th August.

‘It was fab.  Brilliant afternoon.  Well done Debbie, the kids and volunteers.‘  P Cooper

Free v Free is here to stay.  It’s a reminder to all adults in and outside of association football, that we don’t need to pay to play.

National Children’s Football Week kicks off in parks, playgrounds and designated areas of play in your community.  There will be no stress, win at all costs, fees or great expectations.  FREE v FREE is mixed ability mixed gender and football for fun only. You are the organiser with or without adults.

What does Free v Free add to Salisbury’s footballers?

Freeplay football is freedom. Playing with mates, no pressure, trying new things, playing for hours, having fun.

Why do Salisbury have to champion playing football for free?

Football belongs to everyone. Everyone should be able to play.

Do Salisbury footballers prefer associated football more or less than a kick about? If so why – if not, why?

We like both. We like being in a team playing matches but we will play whenever we can and free, freeplay football is fun and helps us be better players too.

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