Interview with Kent FA Youth Council

Chairman Ricky Adams (RA) talks to the NCFA about a greater understanding of youth participation within the game.

Inspired by a growing number of organisations advocating a child centred approach the Kent FA Youth Council is designed to provide a platform for young people to support youth participation in decision making throughout Kent football.

FA Director of Football Development, Sir Trevor Brooking backed the Kent FA’s decision to set up a Youth Council in the county. He said “This is a visionary move by Kent FA to seek young peoples’ views on grassroots football development”.

Brooking went onto say “A Youth Council is the ideal way to progress the game in the county. We must find out exactly what young people would like when making future decisions that could affect them. Giving young players the opportunity to contribute their views will, I hope, encourage more kids to play and also get involved as coaches, referees and volunteers.”

Why do we need a Youth Council?

RA. To achieve a greater understanding of what is required to improve the game of football from those which participate within the game. The youth council builds a stairway between the main council and youth council giving a insight into what and where football is going today throughout the youth sector giving a better understanding on both parts. starting young people off on the youth council gives them the opportunity to gain valuable experience and self confidence in there people skills that they can carry through life and also progress within the kcfa for many years to come.

What issues in youth football are you looking forward to challenging?

RA. To increase safety, environment and excitement. As well as this to Increase the Involvement 15 years to 18 due to the drop out, playing coaching and refereeing. Make it affordable and interesting for these age groups to keep playing or fund courses to keep individuals interested.

What feedback have you received about the Youth Council from the adult football fraternity and especially from young people?

RA. I have received positive feedback from adults, whom like our ideas encouraging them to form youth councils and organisations based around young people. The importance that youth can have on the game itself as we are currently involved and active in all different capacities.

Why did you get involved in the Youth Council?

RA. I got involved as I felt that I could have a positive impact on the game youth and adults from my experience of coaching and refereeing. I enjoy all aspects of the game, and because of my age and what i have achieved within refereeing i would like to help others do the same. For more information about the Kent FA’s Youth Council:

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