NCFA would like to thank Brighton & Hove Albion F.C and sponsors Starlizard Integrity Services for donating and distributing kit to International Peace Fields Projects in Argentina, D R Congo, Ghana and India.  The NCFA projects continue to deliver peace education through football and all peace pitches are twinned with Flanders Peace Field, site of the 1914 First World War Christmas Truces.  The pitches enable communities to facilitate fun football games for free and celebrate peace on the annual International Day of Peace 21st September.


La Nuestra Futbol Feminino is a very special football club.  Against all the odds these ladies have created a football club to inspire girls and women’s football not just in Argentina but around the world.  They are the first female football club in the world to twin their peace pitch with Flanders Peace Field.  La Neustra Futbol Feminino facilitate all inclusive games for mixed ability players.  Their spirit is peace and harmony through football for fun.

‘This is a wonderful contribution to our Club.  It is much needed.  We thank you for the kind donation.’  Juliana Roman

River of Hope is a non-profit organization. Its purpose is to assist needy and willing communities and other target groups to help themselves and others improve their standard of living for future generations.

‘Thank you for the football kits.  We will make very good use of them’.  Claudia

Wa Senior School, Ghana twinned their peace pitch with Flanders Peace Field in 2017.  ‘The donation of football kits is gratefully received and will help support and continue our peace education through play.  Kassim Saeed. 

‘The pending peace field project in New Delhi, India, will benefit tremendously from this kind donation’.  Prithvi Jagan, ICFA Project Manager.

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