This is the third year that the NCFA have been involved in Cotswolds District Council’s Summer off the Streets
It is organised by World Jungle and last the whole of the summer holidays around the Cotswold’s.
It is made up of sport, play and arts.

The FREE community football session was at Cirencester Deer Park school and attended by 40 children who played fun games from 10.30 until 2.30 with a half hour break for lunch.
The children are aged from 8-15 of mixed ability and with some children having special needs
The formula works perfectly, letting the children take responsibility for their own game, refereeing and making up the goal kick, throw in and kick off rules.
The younger children learn from the older children and the older children learn by looking after the younger ones, encouraging them and making sure they are all involved.

The scene is one of smiling, happy children learning and making new friends through play. Lots of learning going on, football skills, communication, leadership and social skills

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