UPDATED 16 02 21

It’s been widely noted that the pandemic has adversely impacted our young people. It has also been said that their voices have remained largely unheard. This has led the British Science Association to call them ‘the forgotten generation’.

We can change this!

We can all make time for play and we can all call on sporting organisations to promote children’s rights when youth sports return.

In this letter, Salisbury Rovers is calling on The FA to recognise and promote the right to play and the right to be heard and to commit to promoting opportunities for informal play in our communities when football returns.

Take a look, follow the link to add your name and share as widely as possible!

The forgotten generation: listening to children and the right to play


  1. Ask the kids


  1. Kids want different things


  1. Kids still want to play out


  1. Let kids choose sides


5. Let kids run their teams

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