UNOSDP Youth Leadership Camps


UNOSDP Youth Leadership Camps

Call for Applications

Dear Applicant,

As a potential participant for one of the UNOSDP Youth Leadership Camps taking place in Berlin, Germany (20-30 March 2014), Florida, U.S.A (07-20 June, 2014) and Gwangju, Republic of Korea (10-20 July, 2014). Each Camp will have between 28-30 participants between the ages of 18-25 with 50% female and male participation.

The purpose of the Camps is to bring together youth who have the potential to be community leaders in the field of sport for development. The camps will be both, theoretical and practical in nature and provide participants with a toolkit on how sport can be best used to improve the social conditions in the participant’s home communities.

All costs for the participants will be covered. NOTE: This does not include getting to and from airports in the home countries of the participants or the cost of the VISA application process.

Please send the completed application form below, and a good quality scanned photocopy of your passport NO LATER THEN 15 December 2013 to:

UNOSDP Youth Leadership Camp:

I wish you the best of luck in your application.

Mr. Wilfried Lemke

(Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary General on Sport for Development and Peace).

Download Application Form here

The UNOSDP Youth Leadership Camps

Germany: March 20-30, 2014

Florida, USA: June 07-20, 2014

Gwangju, South Korea: July 10-20, 2014

Developing community youth role models in the field of Sport for Development and Peace


In order to find the best participants and the potential youth leaders, we invite you to help us to indentify some candidates. The following criteria must be met:

  • The participants should be from the age of 18-25.
  • Focus for the camps will be
    • Berlin, Germany: camp is on youth from English speaking Sub-Saharan and Northern African countries and the Middle East,
    • Florida, USA: the focus will be South America, Central America, Caribbean and the U.S.A.
    • Gwangju, Republic of Korea: will be focused on youth from Asia (from Iran, Indian Sub-continent, South East Asia, Central Asia, Far East, China and Oceana / Pacific).
  • They should be currently volunteering or working in the sport for development field and involved with community programmes.
  • The participant should have a leadership role within their sport for development organization.
  • Since one of the objectives of the camp is to share best practices and experiences from the field, we are looking for young people with great social skills who would be ready to present and share their work in public.
  • Most importantly we are looking for participants who are motivated and dedicated to work in the field of sport for development and peace, bringing innovative ideas into their programmes and to this field.
  • Since the official language of the camps is English, it is essential that the candidate has excellent conversational skills in English.
  • There is strength in diversity and therefore we encourage persons with disabilities, people from different cultural backgrounds, with different experiences to come together to teach each other and to learn from one another.
  • Gender equality is very important to us so we will be looking at having a minimum of 50% female participation.

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