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National Children’s Football Alliance and the Peace Village, Mesen, Belgium, are commemorating WW1 and celebrating peace through the 1914 Christmas Truce by offering schools, clubs and public play areas with the opportunity to twin a designated area of play with Flanders Peace Fields, site of the Christmas Truce.  This is open to all schools, clubs and public play areas across United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

This unique opportunity will directly link your designated area of play with one of the most famous fields in world history.  Flanders Peace Fields lend themselves to education in a way that brings cultures, young and old together.  Click here for the 3 key steps in how to apply for your Peace Field Declaration.

In the week leading up to Christmas 1914 groups of German, British and alley soldiers stopped fighting to sing festive songs. Some on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day ventured in to “No man’s land” to exchange gifts and to play games of football.


Today the truce is remembered as a symbolic moment of peace and humanity. An action taken by soldiers caught up in the conflict that was The First World War.  Arguably, the horrors of war made men turn to a form of childhood to play a game of football to momentarily forget their tragic situation.  It was a humanitarian act that every child and adult needs to engage in together.

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Declaration of Peace

Sponsored by the Heritage Lottery Funding the NCFA are providing schools with the opportunity to twin their designated areas of play with the Flanders Peace Field. Working in partnership with the Peace Village, Messines, Belgium (site of the 1914 Christmas Truce) the Peace Field Project (PFP) invites schools not only to commemorate the First World War and the Christmas Truce but also to celebrate peace through reflecting on a moment in history that inspires humanitarianism.

Schools apply (FREE) on-line by submitting

  • a picture of the school and a picture of the designated play area
  • nominated school ambassadors (boys and girls) for the project
  • a short video message or letter explaining why the school feels it is important to commemorate WW1 and celebrate peace through cross curricular activities and learning about the 1914 Christmas Truces
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Andrew Murrison MP, Prime Minister’s Special Representative for the Centenary Commemoration for the First World War (left) and John Carmichael, NCFA, Associate Member (right) hold the Peace Field Poppy football.

Participants in the Centenary PFP receive:

  • A joint PFP certificate from NCFA and Peace Village / Flanders Peace Field
  • A PFP kite mark
  • Online links with Peace Village / Flanders Peace Field and NCFA’s Football & Peace website with access to forum / quarterly newsletters / events.
  • Each school will have their PFP home page on the Football & Peace website.


The aim of the PFP is to create peace makers for the future.  Young people (inspired by the 1914 Christmas Truce) will absorb the essence of why fair play is important and begin to understand that sport can transcend conflict and cement friendships for life.

Lest We Forget

The PFP lends itself to cross curricular participation (sports, history, literacy, arts, humanities and citizenship), community cohesion and intergenerational relationships.

Schools are invited to sign a PFP Declaration, pledging to hold a games event once a year throughout the centenary years on their peace field to commemorate WW1 and celebrate peace.

The Peace Fields Project is open to primary schools, secondary schools and all sports clubs, promoting sportsmanship and equal opportunities.

Download information here 

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