The CFA received a £1000.00 cheque from The Commonwealth Bond Charitable Trust for the September 2023 Global Peace Games (GPGs). The GPGs are the culmination of children’s Peace Field Projects. This year’s games host children from 10 countries.

Thursday 19th October 2023. The Royal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich in partnership with Charlton Athletic Community Trust, Greenwich University and Charlton Athletic Museum have announced to twin the Royal Artillery’s Sports Pavillion football pitches with Flanders Peace Field, Mesen, Belgium, site of the First World War, 1914, Christmas Truces.  The International Peace Fields Project organized by The Children’s Football Alliance (CFA) currently has 68 peace pitches in 6 continents.  The peace pitches commemorate all wars and celebrate peace through play.  The Greenwich Peace Pitch will kick-start the Meridian Line Peace Field Projects and launch a branch for The Commonwealth Children’s Football Alliance. 

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