Dear Children’s Football Alliance,

I am writing on behalf of the Foodbank to thank you for your generous donation in July and August of 140.55kg of food & essentials that will help families in crisis in the southern area of the Cotswold District, which includes Cirencester, Tetbury, Fairford, Lechlade and the surrounding villages.
Your support has ensured that all those referred to us are supplied with food and other essentials, providing much-needed help during this challenging period.

Thank you so much!

It has been a very busy summer for the foodbank with high numbers of referrals from schools. Families were, once again, struggling with the additional cost of children being at home over the school holidays and other challenges such as reduced income due to termtime-only jobs, high childcare costs and the loss of free school meal provision.

Over the summer, 2 tonnes more food was given out than received (with 4 tonnes of food received, and 6.2 tonnes given out). With the expectation that the winter will be as challenging for households in 2023/24 as in 2022/23, we are now in a race to replenish our stocks. The Harvest period, traditionally a time to give thanks for the crops that have been grown and to celebrate the end of the hard work involved in gathering them, is one of the busiest times of year for food banks. Several tonnes of food are often generously donated in just a few weeks. We hope this year will be no different and will ensure we are in a strong position to support all in need over the winter.

If you are running a Harvest event and would like resources, including posters and other materials, to support a collection for the foodbank, please get in touch!

Anton Wynn
Head of Cirencester Foodbank
On behalf of the Cirencester FoodbanK

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