FREE v FREE. Children’s Football Week

Children’s Football Week acts as a reminder to parents, guardians, carers, facilitators, coaches, teachers and volunteers, that the children’s game does not have to be branded, expensive, associated or dominated by adults.  It is a simple fun game when played by children.  It is a fun game owned by children.  There is little room for the rules of a game that determines greed, aggression and win at all costs.  It is time we reclaimed the children’s game.



Children’s Football Week is an annual event which generally takes place in the last week of school term: parks, playing fields and school playgrounds are the stadiums!  A ball and jumpers for goal posts; no need to pay to play. FREE v FREE.  Our role as adults is to encourage children to organise their own games and loosely supervise how best to celebrate the game through FUN.

2023 FREE v FREE

Children’s Football

Friday 21st JULY to Friday 28th JULY

Please send us your clips, pics, and stories of what you did on FREE v FREE week: 

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