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National Children’s Football Week 2014 

(Incorporating Football & Peace and supporting the launch of Mark Burke’s online book, A Different Kind of Soccer)


This year the National Children’s Football Week will incorporate the Football & Peace project that will celebrate and reflect on the most famous football game ever played.

A hundred years ago on Christmas Eve 1914 the Allied troops played a game of football against German soldiers. This is incredible when you think that only hours earlier they had been slaughtering each other.

It shows how powerful football can be in uniting people and making new friends. This was the game that they had played as children, jackets for goalposts and a ball, the children’s game.

Can you help us by taking part in a centenary game?


Saturday 19th July to Sunday 27th July 2014

These dates include end of school term time and the start of the summer holiday.



It could be 1v1 balloon football in your bedroom or 2v2 in the garden with some mates. Or perhaps you would like to organise something at school in the playground or school field.

You could organise to meet your friends in the park or see if you and your friend’s parents could club together and hire the local sports hall for a game.

Whatever you do please let us know what you did and take a picture or video clip of your centenary game. We will update you later on how to upload these and also how to obtain downloads and ‘I took part’ stickers.

Please remember to get your parents and or teachers permission for what you are doing.

Information for coaches, parents and teachers.

Are you able to run an event or facilitate a game? It can be as small or large as you want.

A few tips –

  • This is all about the children taking part and having fun
  • NO SUBSTITUTES – everyone plays
  • Small sided games work best as this enables the children to have many touches of the ball 3v3 4v5 etc.
  • To make it authentic as possible use coats, jumpers etc. as goal posts
  • Let the children referee themselves and have ownership of their game

Please tell as many people as possible and let us know what you are planning and how it went.

This is a unique opportunity for our children to take part in a most memorable event. To connect with an inspirational moment in history and the beautiful game

There will be a commemorative t-shirt available and downloads nearer the time.

You can download NCFA materials FREE to help support your occasion or event.

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Send in your stories, your details and your pictures by 2nd September 2013 and we will showcase everyone’s hard work on the NCFA website.

Contact: to have your event listed on the NCFA website

Circulate news of “National Children’s Football Week” through social media networks to other football teams/community groups/colleges/universities/local government/politicians in the area.

NCFA Project Managers

For general enquiries in your region please contact;
Ray Lee (South London)  
Vanessa Wheeler (South)  
Paul Cooper (South West)  
Mal Lee (North West)  
Tony David (North London)    
Tim Waring (Northern Ireland)   
Steve Watson (Lincolnshire)  


Just under a hundred years ago young men from different nations who hours before had been butchering each other on the battlefields of Flanders had their moment. Unshackled for a few hours from the politicians and commanders they took the opportunity to ‘play’ football. Football in its simplest forms, some players, a ball and jackets for goalposts. There is a connection between children’s football ‘play’ and what happened on that historic day and why the power of football, in its purest form, brings people together; even in the most unlikely of circumstances. The National Children’s Football Week 2013 looks to embrace the spirit of those games played during the Christmas Truce and the games played through history by children in the streets, parks and playgrounds of our nation. If your club, team or school would like to support childhood through football by donating moneys raised at your event please click on the link.

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