The NCFA are providing schools with the opportunity to twin their designated areas of play with the Flanders Peace Field. Working in partnership with the Peace Village, Messines, Belgium (site of the 1914 Christmas Truces) the Peace Field Project (PFP) invites schools not only to commemorate the First World War and the Christmas Truces but also to celebrate peace through reflecting on a moment in history that inspires humanitarianism. For your school's PFP plaque and certificate email:

GLOBAL PEACE GAMES. During this 5 day program of sport, games, education and remembrance, we want the pupils to re-experience how to overcome conflict through sports and dialogue. It is like a tribute to the young people / soldiers who fought during WWI. 100 years later, instead of fighting, we play sports and reflect on what happened back then. In addition, we also want to make the connection to the contemporary conflicts (large and small) in our society, both within and outside Europe.

"Let us never forget the essence of playing football! Children play football - adults play football. In 1914 a game of football was played at the Christmas Truces". Ernie Brennan (Director, National Children's Football Alliance)